Winter Culotte.

Hello, Good morning! 
The weather in Switzerland is currently very clement for the season! We won’t complain about it! It so pleasant to get dress without having to wear a thousands layers on you! On that day, I was wearing some of my currents favorite pieces. I love every kind of culotte trousers and I own a few of them. I especially love wearing them with boots, it gives a winter style to the look.
Are you ready to start a new week? For me it’s going to be very intense the next days as I am leaving for New York on Wednesday morning! It’s time to start packing again, which is something that I don’t like that much. You may ask why I don’t like it, it is essentially because I always want to bring everything with me… drama! I can’t believe, I will be back in the city in a few days only! So to make sure I am not going to spend my Tuesday night packing, I already started to check the main things that I am sure to bring with me. As I am staying 3 weeks in the city, I have to think about so many things : beauty products, outfits for the day, outfits for the night, shoes for any occasions, accessories, and all my working stuffs like my macbook, my chargers, my camera etc etc….! Last year, I did a little checklist for when I travel and I now use it all the time to make sure I didn’t forget anything!  It is so useful and I would recommend you to write one as well! Oh maybe I could share it with you, is that something that may interest you? LET ME KNOW ! I can write a special article about packing! It can save your holidays! And you know…as a fashion blogger, I always want to have as many outfits possibilities as I can and it would be a drama to forget something like my camera!
Oh and I almost forget to tell you an exciting project! Last week, I had a meeting with a brand that I admire a lot for years and years! I am so happy to annonce you that I am going to work this year with the prestigious brand Calvin Klein as one of their Swiss digitale ambassador! I am so excited about it and I can’t wait to share more about it with all of you!
See you very soon on BBB !

Denim Shirt : Zara
Jacket : H&M, trend collection
Culotte trousers : Zara
Boots : La Redoute ( in SALE HERE)
Backpack : Vintage, Versace
Sunglasses : Céline Paris


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