What’s New in my Dressing?

New in my Dressing, Bangbangblond, Alison Liaudat
What’s New in My Dressing ?

  1. Necklace : Zara
  2. Sandals : Zara
  3. Pants Dark Blue : Zara
  4. Pants Tropical blue : Zara
  5. Skirt : H&M
  6. Crop Top : H&M
Different style for different occasions! It’s always important to have a variety of styles in your wardrobe.
Why? Simply because you need the perfect outfits for every moment of your life!
For sure you are not wearing the same clothes when you go out, when you go to work, when you have an interview or when you assist to an important event.
I’m someone who love to change how I look. It’s important for me to reflect my mood and my opinions with my outfits… (It doesn’t mean that when I’m wearing dark, I’m in a dark mood!)
Stay tuned, soon on BBB ” What’s new in my beauty case”



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