What to wear to a Wedding

A Wedding is such an important moment in a woman life! But today we are not talking about the bride (I have no idea about this topics…) but about what to wear when you are invited to a wedding! 
Attending a wedding is always something that we love, I mean this is such a beautiful day with tons of emotions and of course tons of good food and champagne! But there is also something super important about this kind of event, having the right outfit! Your outfit has to be fabulous but not as fabulous as the bride! She is THE girl of the day, you are a guest. Don’t forget that if you want to keep her/him as a friend or family member!
Rule N° 1 : that I ask you to respect : don’t wear white. Please, there is tons and tons of other color in the world, so let the white for the bride and wear something else! The only reason you could skip this rule is if the dress code of the wedding is “all white”… but I mean it’s the only exception! If you arrive in white at my wedding, I would kick you out haha!
Rule N°2 : Wear a little clutch, a large bag isn’t really appropriate for this type of day. You don’t need much things with you on that day.
Rule N°3 : If the wedding is catholic and is going to be held in a church you should respect the tradition and cover your arms with a blazer or a little jacket.
In collaboration with Minelli, I created this look that I would for sure wear for a wedding. I am showing you on this picture the look with/without jacket. Exit the “so cliché” little dress, I decided to base my look around this Culotte pants. Wedding doesn’t mean having the obligation to wear a dress or skirt, matching an elegant trousers can be super chic as well! For the little fairy touch, I added this little top with feather and did a little braid in my hair. On my feet, I am wearing the perfect nude sandals which is super comfortable and allow you to dance all night! Oh and don’t forget to bring with you some make-up for a little “touch up” during the day. After spending hours and hours talking, dancing and eating you lipstick or your complexion may need a little extra.


By the way, as we created this look with Minelli, we are offering to one of you the possibility to win a CHF 200.- voucher that you can use in any Minelli store in Switzerland. Head on my Facebook page (HERE) and follow the instruction, it is super easy peasy!
I’m wearing
Culotte Pants : Zara
Top : Mango
Jacket : Zara
Bag : Minelli
Heels : Minelli, available HERE
Photography by Ken Moos.



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