Hello my loves, I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! As usually, I spent a lot of time with my friends and family and I’ve been working on the blog as well! I have so many exciting projects to “work” on that I just can’t stop blogging even during the weekend.  
Surprise surprise, I am wearing a little sunshine! Yellow is a color that I am not used to wear but I couldn’t resist to this ray of sun! This knit is just perfect and it is exactly THE perfect model! You know, the one which is not too long without to be a crop top, a small turtleneck which is perfect for mid-season and I will not even talk about the cut which is perfectly oversized! So sad that H&M only made it in one color, I am dreaming about exactly the same model in white, blue, black, pink, orange, light green etc etc… hahaha I mixed it with my MOM jeans that I can’t stop wearing, I love styling yellow with blue which is a very good alternative to black.
I love all those pop and bright colors. It seems like after the long and cold winter we had with all those grey days, my life need some colourful outfits!
Knit : H&M
Mom Jeans : H&M
Jacket : H&M
Belt : YSL
Sandals : Zara
Ring : The little Heart by Love is, available here



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