FRIYAY ! Yeah and it’s Halloween today! I love this day so much and I wish we could celebrate it like in the US…but no, here it’s not the same. In Switzerland, celebrating Halloween isn’t very commun. Some clubs organized “halloween” party, you have a few decorations in some shop but you will never have the REAL spirit of Halloween. This celebration always reminds me when I was living in Canada (For those who didn’t know it, I was born in Canada). I remember the pumpkins in front of the houses and also the decoration everywhere in the city. Of course I remember the neighbourhood tour with my little bucket to get candies! It was so much fun and I still have a lot of memories about it. Unfortunately here in Switzerland, people are not really excited about Halloween. I am sad because I really like this kind of celebration, it’s always a great occasion to have fun!
Just you to know, these pictures have nothing in commun with Halloween (hahaha)… We shot these outfit a few days ago on a sunny afternoon. The temperatures are not cold at all and it is so pleasant. Being able to go out with light jackets and cut out boots at the end of october is perfect! We can’t complain. This is the typical kind of outfit that I love wearing during fall. Burgundy? I know, this is such a classic for the season but sometimes classic is the best!
SO guys, If you are living in a country where Halloween is a hugeeeee party, celebrate it for me!  I would love to celebrate it with you and being able to wear the most amazing costume! So today, I will probably make some muffins with a green icing (I found a cool recipe on a Halloween article, I want to try it!) and eating them with the family! And if tonight 1 kid ring to my doorbell for having candies, I swear ( I do swear) I organize a giveaway on the blog next week! kiss my loves
– I am wearing –
JACKET : Mango
PANTS : American Apparel
BOOTS : Steve Madden
BAG : Tory Burch
BRACELET : Graine de shopping



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