It is very important and necessary for all of us to have close friends around us. I do cherish and love my friends like my family members! A friend is here to support you in everything you do, I feel grateful and blessed to have precious people around me. Having friends isn’t only about having fun, it is also about sharing. How would be life if you can’t share your fears, your happiness or your passion with someone? I am sharing with you this very special project, the Esprit F/W campaign starring. For the very first time, in company of my dear friend Stéphane.


Are you guys a couple? I don’t know how many times I heard this question. I am still impressed to see how many people think about relationship and love when they see a woman and a man together, can’t we be just friend? Actually, I do have several man friends since always, I remember playing and chilling with boy at school. I have to admit that I was definitely a tomboy playing soccer and fighting. I met Stéphane 5 years ago at work, we very quickly got work buddy. After a few months working together, this guy told me that I should start a blog. At this time, I was just a very active blog reader but didn’t know anything about it being a blogger myself. Since that day, we both did a very long way and we probably both didn’t expect that.



A passion? We all have one and sometimes it is very common but it can also be something different. Since I am a young girl I’ve been passionate about many things. When I was 10 my passion was Moïse and I wanted to be an archaelogist  in Egypt… I mean we all pass by different moment in our life!


My friend Stéphane own a horse since many years. Since I know him, I’ve always been an admirer of his passion. I don’t know anything about this world and I am always very curious to learn about it. This is the reason why we decided together to do this photoshoot with his lovely horse named “Miss”. For me this is very important to show my support to what my friends do and to show them that I care about their activities and passion.




Dress : Esprit – available HERE

White Shirt : Esprit – available HERE

Knit Jacket : Esprit – available HERE

Blue Jacket (man) : Esprit – available HERE

Yellow sweater : Esprit – available HERE


Photography by May



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