A fantastic year in review! In a few hours we are all going to celebrate New Year’s Eve all around the world. I posted 255 articles on my blog in 2014, what a huge increase compared to last year! I am so grateful to have all of you supporting me everyday through the blog and on the social medias. This year was so magical, I lived so many fulfilling experiences through blogging. I also can’t wait to celebrate BANGBANGBLOND’s 2nd anniversary on the 12th of January with all of you! It’s SO soon.
Life is made with highs and lows. This year, I had the chance to travel a lot. I went to New York twice, once in January and once again in May. I also traveled to the south of France during summer and went to Paris in September. For me, traveling is something very important, I learn so much from all these trips abroad. Regarding the blog, I had  the  opportunity to work with gorgeous people and met so many interesting and inspiring persons. Working with passionate people is so enriching and I can’t wait to work more and more next year! Regarding the lows, I lost my both grandmas. It was my very first experienced with loosing a loved one. We are never prepared to this kind of things even for old persons. One of my grandmother passed away when I was in NY in May and the other one just a few days ago after Christmas. I have a special place in my heart for them and now it is time to keep going and moving on, in the positive way. I am ready for this new year and more motivated than never! I am happy to start writing 365 new pages of my book and the possibilities are just endless. Let’s see what this new year will bring to us!
I decided in today’s article to share my favorites outfits from 2014. Nothing more to say it is simply a mix of most of them. I wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration with a lot of champagne and glitters! I will come back to you on the 1st of January as I heard it was bad luck to say it in advance hihihi ! I am actually very excited to leave for Paris in a few hours, follow me via instagram @bangbangblond to stay in touch with BBB during all these celebrations! ENJOY



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