Tartan Coat
Are you ready to join the Tartan Army? I know a lot of you maybe don’t like it at all. It’s true tartan is very special and not always easy to wear. This year if you go to Zara, H&M etc you will see this print on everything (skirt, short, coat, sweat, blazer, pants and more).
I personally love this print and you can see it in my archive from february (Mix & Match). Is that a good Idea to invest in a tartan coat this season? I would say yes but the only thing to know is that you are not going to wear it all the time. The reason is that a Coat  in Winter reflect your look. Yes unfortunately when it’s cold in the street we will not see your amazing sweater or your wonderful necklace…we will only see your coat. It will be the main piece of your outfits. With a tartan coat, the problem is that this is a print…what mean more than 1 color (not always easy to match with your outfits if you don’t want to look like a rainbow). But the good side is that your look won’t be simple at all (not like a simple black coat…). Simple or Print, what are going to choose? Tartan or not ?I love all of them in my selection but MY favorite is the first one from Zara. I love the colors, the long cut and the materials (40% wool important for the season). My second favorite is the Jacket from Riverisland (unfortunately out of stock…). It looks so warm and comfy. The long leather sleeves and the tartan match perfectly  I ♡ It !

See you tomorrow for another coat trend.




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