I am back with a beauty article and today we are talking about hair! You may have noticed that most of the time I wear my hair straight. Why? 1st, because most of the time I am too lazy to do anything with my long hair. 2nd, my old curling iron wasn’t very good and it took me 20 min to heat it and 3rd because I am so clumsy that most of the time I burn myself with iron…

I had the chance to try this new curling iron from Nume and as a clumsy girl, I burned myself while making my first curl (clap clap clap… I know that’s 100% me!). My old curling iron had some plastic on top of it and it was harder to get burned, so I wasn’t prepared to use this new model. So what I have to say first of all, be careful when you use it! You will be able to get the most beautiful curl but you have to take your time when using it.

My little secret is to always curl outward and never inward, the difference is huge I swear!  The perfect curls for me are the ones the day after. To get this effect immediately I always brush my hair after curling them. I hate looking like a puddle except if it was the style I was looking for…! Most of the time I prefer to have the natural low curls. To make my hair soft and healthy, I use some Argan oil at the end (On these pictures, I used the Nume Argan Oil). 

Top : Walktrendy, available here

This Set is perfect as you have 3 different sizes of wand which offer you the possibility to try different hairstyle with the same iron!

P.S. get 40% OFF anything + $12 shipping to the UK on all Nume Items ! Use the code : PINEAPPLECAKE


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