The New Tally.

Photography by Andrea Monica Hug

I am happy to finally share the story with TALLY WEIjl for their new concept store opening in Zurich! Tally Weijl, I would not expect to wear this brand at my age…(talking like a old woman…) but to be honest I always associate this brand to teenager under 16 year old. Which is normal as the brand was made for them but they decided to change and orientate their collection not only for the teenager but also for the young woman! Interesting right? Let’s share my experience 

We started the day with a great presentation of the new concept store in Zurich with the other bloggers from Germany & Austria. The interior of the store looks very different than the old store and way more modern. We had the possibility to choose an outfit for the photoshoot. I picked very quickly this high waist skinny jeans with this black lace-up top. To add a little fun to my look I wear this “Gavroche” Cap on my head. We Shoot a few pictures in the city of Zurich before attending the official store opening. Candies, pizza, hamburger, hotdog, cupcake, popcorn, cake pop and more, I’ve never seen so many CUTE & good foods during an event! We ended the day with a dinner with the other bloggers & the Tally team and went to the hotel late at night kinda very tired after such a long day! 

So what do I think about this new concept? I think that the brand will not make us forget right now their “teenage” image and we will have to change our opinion about it. I honestly saw in the “Young Woman” collection some very cool pieces that I would buy and wear. 

Outfit of the day

Photography by Jessica Christ


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