Yes, we are living in a world where we are always connected. My phone and I make one, it is for sur my essential accessory. While I’m traveling, it is very important for me to stay connected. Since I am a full-time blogger, my phone has become my main working tool. I don’t have to tell you that I always have my charger with me wherever I go! As you may understand, during my trip in Paris all I wanted was to be able to share with you my experience. Thats why I left for Paris with not 1 but 2 phones and not any phones!
I’ve got the honor to try the beautiful ultra-luxe phone from the “Jardin secret collection” by Savelli Genève. This is a mobile phone from a new company based in Switzerland which turns into a piece of fine jewellery. With gold , diamond and precious leather (alligator, ostrich, python) this phone will be very precious to every women who own it. 
I’ve got completely seduced by the design of this phone which is for me a jewel before to be a mobile phone. The lines are very elegant. The only thing that disappoint me was the camera, I used my phone’s camera all the time and the quality wasn’t as good as on my Iphone 5s. As you can imagine, I was at first scared to hold it and use it like I usually use my mobile phone. You know like when you are eating your fries and touching your phone at the same time? Don’t think about to do this kind of things with a Savelli phone. I am such a clumsy person who let her phone fall down all the time but I promised that with this one I was very careful all the time. Would you like to have own Savelli mobile phone? Expect a starting price of 8’990 CHF for the model I tried, expect more for the one with diamonds or alligator leather.
I am wearing :
HAT : Urban Outfitters
HEELS : Zara
BELT : YSL (vintage)



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