Top, Skirt & Blazer : Zara | Heels : Aldo | Bag : Tory Burch | Watch : Fossil | Rings : H&M
Totally love that the sequins definitely add some spark to my look. I love pairing different textures all at once. These past few days I found so many things in my closet that I almost never wear like this sequins skirt that I may have worn only once! I don’t wear very often all my sequins skirt and jackets and I guess this is a huge mistake because it looks so nice! I just how found out that paired with basics, it helps to balance and looks very nice!
Shine and blind them
Do you also feel the influence of the moon for sleeping? I mean like when it’s the fool moon or this kind of things? I am telling you that because on tuesday, it was the full moon (I didn’t know it) and I couldn’t sleep at all. I guess, I fell asleep around 4am, you can imagine how “happy” I was when I heard my alarm at 8am…Anyway I just wanted to say that because I am very tired with only 4 hours sleep. It’s actually 11:30pm when I am writing this article and I am going to sleep right now. 
Don’t miss tomorrow post. I am going to write a little resume of the New York Fashion Week and we are going to discover the new illustration from my girl Kactus!


  1. Hi Sandra,

    Thank you so much for your comment. Unfortunately it is an olddddd skirt from zara (2 years ago) but sometimes they have very similar's one in the collections.

  2. Since reading your heading I've got a really bad ear worm: "shine bright like a diamond… shine bright like…" But it fits your look perfectly! I'm totally in love with your skirt and your bag. The photography is great!

    Have a wonderful day and I hope last nights sleep was a little better! <3

    Dana from http://www.howimetmyoutfit.de


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