Scenic View from Brooklyn.

I am back! After a few exciting days in the city, I am finally sharing my first pictures from New York! The past days were kind of busy as a friend of mine was in the city for a few days and I did the New Yorker tour guide for him! As you know, I came quite often in the city and don’t really “visit” anymore. I mean, there is always something to explore in this city but I don’t go all the time to the Basics Tourists spots like Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Rockefeller! I do enjoy going there but I don’t cross the Brooklyn bridge every time I am in the city! One thing I can say (people following me on snapchat saw it) is that we ATE like crazy! I will have to control myself for the next weeks because we did tons and tons of “cheat” meals! Going to talk about all those places in the next post!
For a long day of walk like we always do in New York, I love wearing a comfy pair of sneakers like my new adidas Stan Smith. On that day, the weather wasn’t crazy cold but still a bit windy and chilly. I wore my favorite faux fur jacket which kept me warm all day! To carry my camera and all my stuffs, I always need a medium size bag – Before leaving for New York, I got this new one from Moschino (Available on Zalando) and it is just the perfect bag for visiting a city! I am wearing it everyday!
We took those pictures at the end of the day after walking a little 13km (an application told us that… haha). You can see that my bun and my make up was at the end of their life! 
Outfit of the day
Coat : H&M Trend collection
Jeans : Tally Weijl
Sneaker : Adidas Stan Smith
Bag : Moschino via Zalando (available HERE)
The place where you can enjoy this speechless view is called : Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg. There is some other very cool places to admire this scenic view in Brooklyn : Dumbo & Grand Ferry Park. 



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