Scarf & Grey.

Why Autumn is the best season ? The clothes I get to wear from September to November include my all favorite pieces. From Boots to Jeans, Scarf & Coat offer us endless outfits possibilities. Read the 4 main reasons why I love this season so much!

1. During summer all you can do is wearing as less fabric as you can…Now? You can wear coats, blazers and the best : Layering all your favorite things without overheating!
2. Boots, boot, boots and boots! God, I love them so much and in every style. Low Boots, Ankle Boots, Knee high boots, Over the knee boots and boots and boots! You can wear them with… everything! A skirt, a wide leg short, with your favorite jeans or with a dress! 
3. You can wear leather without sweating! haha yes, I know, leather and suede were very trendy this summer but god… it wasn’t easy to wear it without suffering from the heat! Now this is the best time to get out with you oldies but goodies leather jacket. Leather pants, leather top, leather skirt or leather top, it’s your time of the year!
4.oh the autumn palette, I love you. Wearing olive, grey, brown, navy, camel, beige and all those things are just my favorite!
Outfit of the Day

Scarf : S.Oliver
Top : S.Oliver
Jeans : Stylemoi
Booties : Minelli, available here
Sunglasses : Freyrs, available here
Watch : Michael Kors


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