Hello Friday! Well it’s already friday when I am writing this post as it is 3am! Thanks to the technology for making possible to schedule my articles! I know I shouldn’t, but I was watching a new TV series named “RUSH” with a friend of mine and we couldn’t stop! that’s totally my fault if I have to finish this article so late or so early…
Regarding today’s look I have to say that the Palm Trees behind me are everything! I am absolutely obsessed with Palm trees so far and you may have noticed it on my instagram. Since a few months, I am dreaming about vacation in a tropical destination probably because the weather in Switzerland seems like in winter right now (~10°C….no comment about it…). We shoot this look in the city of Montreux which is 5 min away from where I live. Montreux is known for its Mediterranean microclimate which is the reason why you can find there some beautiful palm trees! Ok, they are not as amazing as the one you can find in LA well I am saying that but I’ve never been in California.
Those pictures were taken last Sunday by my sister before our traditional Mcdonald’s dinner. Usually my mother always comes with us but on that day she abandoned us, lol. Ok I have to admit that it wasn’t very recommended after the huge BBQ we had for lunch, but a tradition is a tradition and my sister and I wouldn’t give up. 
I was wearing a basic tee that I decided to tie to make it more fun with a very comfortable yet elegant trousers.
Pants : Zara
Tee : H&M
Mules : Zara
Bag : Tory Burch
Glasses : Karen Walker, available here



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