Photography by : Romina Ch.
As I told you, I still have a few post from New York to share with you on the Blog. I wish I was there…I miss the city so much! I always need a few weeks to realise that I am back in Switzerland. But today is Sunday so let’s enjoy this day “OFF” an being lazy all day!
Here is the outfit I wore to attend Pamella Roland Show during the New York Fashion Week. On that day I was terribly sick so I went to the show and came back home straight away. It was so annoying to feel bad during a show but I made it :)!
– I am wearing – 
Dress : Sandro
Bomber : Sandro
Boots : Mai più Senza, Available here on Zalando.com
Sunglasses : Miu miu
Backpack : Hare + Hart


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