The countdown before Christmas and New year’s eve started! Only a few days left before celebrating and we have all mixed emotions, joy, excitements and reflection. Should we start thinking about resolutions ? It is up to you! I will probably think about it in the next days.
For the first time of my entire life, I am going to celebrate New Year’s eve abroad (I just noticed it haha). Can you guess where am I going? Let me help you, it is not far from Switzerland. Regarding to people, it is the most romantic city in the world. It is also the top tourist destination… you got it? Ok, let me tell you it is PARIS, Yes for the first time I am going to celebrate the new year to come in one of the most beautiful city! I am so excited about it, I can’t wait to be there! On New year’s eve, I am going to have dinner at my friend’s place. After that, we are going out to see the fireworks near the Eiffel Tower which is very “cliché” but I guess beautiful! I have no idea what we are going to do after but I am not against starting this new year with a bit of surprise. On the 1st January, we planned to go to Disneyland! It sounds so exciting even more that I feel like I haven’t been there for an eternity! 
Before thinking about all the resolutions that we will probably don’t keep…let’s think about our outfits! At least we can start the New Year with style! Today I am sharing with you a New Year’s eve outfit in collaboration with Zalando. As I told you before, I still don’t know exactly how and where am I going to end the night on New Year’s eve. It is the main reason why I decided to choose an outfit that fits to many situations. If I end in a club, it is fine, my topshop bag will sparkle all night. If we walk around the city all night, I will feel good in my River Island boots. To resume, all I want is to be dressed for every possible situations. A bold makeup and a few jewellery are essential for New Year’s eve so don’t forget them. In conclusion, the most important for me is to feel good with my outfit wherever I go and whatever I do.
– I am wearing –
Overall : French connection, available on Zalando
Boots : River Island, available on Zalando
Bag : Top Shop, available on Zalando
Ear Cuff : May Moma
Ring : May Moma
Bracelets : Zara & Michael Kors (from fashion friends.ch)



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