It’s been months I wanted to write a post about my hair routine, I finally take the time to do it and share with you all the products I use almost everyday. One of my 2015 resolutions regarding the blog is  to talk more about beauty and haircare, I hope you will enjoy this new kind of articles. I’ve always been a huge fan of make-up and hairstyle, this is for sure something that complete and enhance the style of my outfits. 
Taking care of my hair is something very important for me, as you may know I used to be very blond before which is by the way the reason of the “blond” in the name of my blog. When you have bleached hair you have to take care of them and find the right products that will nourish your hair. When I first bleached my hair they were very damaged, I tried a lot of products and I discovered that having a complete care is necessary to keep your hair healthy and shiny.
Shampoo & more
I’m not picky for the shampoo but what comes after it is the most important. I use professional products since a few years and regarding the shampoo, I learned something important if you don’t want to waste too much product : shampoo twice. The first shampoo is like a primer without a lot of foam and the second one will intensely wash your hair. Don’t forget that you only need a small quantity of shampoo, it is not necessary to use a big amount of it. 
I use the EXTREME SHAMPOO by Redken
After my shampoo, I use a strengthening hairspray. I towel dry my hair and evenly spray and lather it. I leave the product for 2-3 minutes and I rinse it. This product boost my hair shine and softness and, immediately add strength. This spray is very effective and my hair grew a lot since I use it.
I use the EXTREME CAT by Redken
At this moment I will tell you something that probably most of you didn’t know. It is very important to use your hair mask BEFORE your conditioner. You should always finish with your conditioner as it will close your hair strands. I use my mask on towel dry hair everytime I wash my hair what means 2-3 times a week. If your hair are very “healthy” you can use it weekly. 
This is something I can’t live without : The conditioner. Can you girl tell how you can survive without it? I seriously can’t. I distribute the product from mid-length to the end and NEVER on my roots. My conditioner isn’t from the same range as my shampoo and mask. My hair from the mid-length to the end are still bleached and need a conditioner for colored hair. It is very important to use a conditioner which is really suitable for you. 

I use the COLOR EXTEND by Redken
Last year when I was in New York, I had a blowout at a “Blow-dry” Salon, my hair were so silky, voluminous and shiny. I discovered a few month ago the Styling range from Redken. I used for years their shampoo and conditioner but I only find out all the styling products recently. I fell in love with the “Velvet Gelatine” which give to my hair more body and shine. I blow-dry my hair with a round brush and this gel give a very natural shine and an amazing velvet effect in a few minutes with a medium control. I apply on towel dry hair a little amount of the gelatine and start drying them. I would say this is my favourite styling product.
I use the VELVET GELATINE 07 by Redken
All I want is shiny and healthy hair and the oil changed my life. Applying an oil after drying my hair is necessary if I want a glossy finish. I tried many oils and use for a very long time the “light Moroccanoil” which I love and still use from time to time. I received a few month ago the Diamond Oil which is a new holy grail product from Redken. You only need a few drops to have an ultra shiny result and personally, I never use an oil when my hair are wet because if I do it I feel them way too oily. 
I use the DIAMOND OIL by Redken.
I usually don’t use a lot of fixing spray, I only use it to control when my hair are a little too “wild”. For a perfect finish, I love spraying my hair with a “Shining spray”. I love this product so much, it seems at first like it changes nothing but GOD this is magical! My hair seems directly illuminated with an high-gloss finish. I also sometimes use this spray for a “Wet Look” slick-back hairstyle. I spray more product than usual and the shine is extreme!
I use the hairspray CONTROL ADDICT 28 by Redken
I use the glistening spray SHINE FLASH by Redken
So that’s the most of the products that I’m currently using on my hair, from time to time I substitute in other styling alternatives like when I want a curly hairstyle for example. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I will come back soon with a styling tutorial! Stay updated.
Have a nice day, xxx BBB



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