So today for the very first time I am going to share with you a make-up tutorial. I’ve been always fascinated by makeup products. I was thinking about writing such an article since a while but I’ve never knew how to do it. As a few of them asked me on Instagram to do one, let’s start with my eyes makeup routine. Putting make-up is like getting dress for me, I will probably never leave my house without at least a light make-up.  
I must admit that I am very exigent regarding the quality of the product I use. I prefer to have a few product only but with a very good quality. 
– 1. I always use a primer base before to start anything. I apply it on my eyelids to prep my eyes. A good base underneath to keep your makeup vibrant and lasting all day long. I use the MAC paint pot in the color PAINTERLY. I really love the creamy texture which is very easy to apply. To apply, I use the MAC brush 194, this is my concealer brush but it is perfect to use for a creamy base.
– 2. I cover my entire lid using my black pencil. It will help my eyeshadow to stay longer and it will be my dark base. I use an Estée Lauder black pencil. You can also do it with a brown pencil if you want it to be lighter.

– 3. I blend my black pencil base, to give a great shadow.
I just got this new fall look palette from Yves Saint Laurent. I have always been a huge lover of Yves Saint Laurent makeup, they have the most fabulous products. The colors of their palette have great pigments which last all day long. My FAV!
– 4. Now it’s time to apply the eyeshadow over my black base. I cover my eyelid with the dark brown (middle color of my palette). I don’t blend at this moment, I just apply the color.

– 5. Apply your middle ton in the crease of the eyelid, it is my blending color. I use for this makeup the bronze color of my palette. The most important at this part is to have the right brush. I use the brush MAC 217 which is for shading and blending. With it, you will be able to blend your makeup like a pro! Your smokey effect will be created by blending your middle color with the dark one.
– 6. Highlight the highest corner of the arch of the brow using the lightest color.
– 7. I apply my dark brown eyeshadow along the lower lash line with an angled brush. I also blend it a little with my blending brush to make it smoother.
– 8. I always add a little shimmery highlight to the inner corner of my eyes, it gives a bright and open appearance. I used the bronze and the light champagne colors that I apply with my angled brush. These colors reflect light which is exactly the result we want.
– 9. The last step but not the least, the Mascara. I currently use the Smashbox Full Exposure.
And here is the result of this “everyday makeup” – I hope you liked this tutorial and I will be very happy to read your comments about it !
– I am wearing –



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