FRIYAY! The weekend is around the corner and for me it means that the Redken events are coming soon! Let me explain you what am I going to do with Redken! Redken organize 2 times a year the “Redken Tribe” to present their new products and all the new hair trends to all their customers. This season, they organized 3 events, the first one in Thun on sunday evening, the second one in Wilisau on monday and the last one on tuesday in Zurich. Redken invited me to take part of these 3 events to talk about fashion and all the current trends. I will speak in front of hundreds people during each event and share my passion for fashion. It is an amazing experience that I’m going to live even more that I love to talk and share with people! I couldn’t be more excited and honored about it! Don’t worry I am going to share every single moments on my social media (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter)!
So this is the last outfit of the week. There is only one reason why I like rainy days : I can wear my fav trench coat! Yayyyyy, It may sounds like a stereotype but I always want to wear this coat on a rainy day! I wanted to feel cool and casual by mixing everyday outfits with a classy pair of heels and a pair of pearls earrings. These beautiful earrings I’ve just got from Love is are just perfect to add to this look the little details that make the difference. I think, every woman need a pair of pearl earrings. It always creates an air of timeless elegance. You know what? This year, pearls are very very trendy (no more grandma’s style)! Since Chanel and Dior reimagined the pearls jewels, they really became the must-have of the season! You may have seen recently by Zara or H&M all these jewels (earrings, rings and necklace) made with “pearls”. Pearls are very traditional and it is for sure a good basics to have!
– I am wearing – 
JEANS : American Apparel



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