Sweat & Necklace : H&M | Pants : American Apparel | Jacket : Vila | Skirt & Boots : Zara
Skirts over pants : it is always a great debate. Many times seen on the catwalk, this is a trend from the 90’s. We have to admit that the skirt is totally unnecessary  but it is exactly like an accessory.
Though the layering trend has been around for a couple of years. The “skirt over pants” layering must be one of the coolest, yet riskiest style moves you can make.
I have to admit that the weather is cold again here in Switzerland and that I don’t want to wear tights anymore (spring/summer pleaseeeee comes). I wanted to wear a skirt but without to wear tights, the solution ? Layering my skirt on my trousers.
Is this a layering technique you’re up for?



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