I am not very often talking to you about who takes my pictures or who work on it and I thought this article could be the perfect one to illustrate it. So, let me tell you some of my secrets.
90% of my pictures are taken by my lovely mother! Is she a photographer? Not at all! My mother started taking my picture almost a year ago and she is for sure my best partner! It is the easiest way to work for me as I am sorry but,… I don’t have the handsome photographer boyfriend! lol
My mum and I often finish our photo session with a little coffee in Town. Regarding the picture in this article, the photographer is : My sister! Is she photographer? Not at all but the result is quite good and I have to thanks her for taking the time and the patience last Sunday to shoot this look. I can most of the time give the camera to all my friend or family and the result will be the same. If you have a good lens, a good adjustment, an imposing editing work the pictures will always look very professional.
This is the outfit I wore on Sunday to have a little coffee at Starbucks with my sister. I was wearing my Zara trousers from last season which is still one of my favorite and it doesn’t look old, right? I paired it with my vintage Louis Vuitton bag. This bag is very old and you know what, the leather started to dry and crack. I already repaired it once and I guess I will have to bring it back very soon as most of the seams are breaking. This is so annoying as I love this bag so much and I always restrain myself to wear it.

Trousers : Zara
Top : Zara
Hat : Asos
Heels : H&M
Bag : Louis Vuitton



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