Good morning beautiful people! How are you feeling today? I hope you all spent a nice weekend. As I told you in my last article, my weekend was quiet busy! On Friday evening, I’ve got invited to the “Mode Suisse” fashion show which took place in Geneva. I discovered wonderful collections and very talented designers. I had a real crush on Stéphanie Biggel’s collection. A nice discovery on this friday night!  Before, After and between the shows, it was possible to visit de showroom, talk with the designers, drink champagne or eat a delicious Risotto which was to die for! I spent a really nice evening with my blogger friends and we finished the night in a funky bar in town. Of course, I received a very cool goodie bag! Do you know how much I love gooooodies? Inside of the bag were a MAC lipstick and mascara, a nail polish, a little parfum and an Edelweiss magazine
On saturday afternoon, I went back to Geneva for the Edelweiss showroom at the hotel Tiffany. As you may know, or maybe not, the Edelweiss magazine is the only fashion magazine in the french-speaking part of Switzerland. They organize this event since a few years now and it is always a real success. I really enjoy visiting it and it was as usual a great fashion event. They organized as well a fancy tea time with a few bloggers, it was a great occasion to meet each other while eating good foodies!
These pictures were taken last wednesday before the Essie night by my girl Romina from Blaastyle.com. Snuggle in my cozy cape all day was heaven on earth! I felt so good in this casual fall attire, even more that we spent almost 6 hours in the train. A cape is such a perfect piece during this period of the year. The Essie event was very cool and the new nail polish colors are really nice! I will show you very soon how they look! Stay tuned on my instagram if you don’t want to miss anything – @bangbangblond
I am wearing :
CAPE : VILA (similar cool one here)
JEANS : American Apparel
SHOES : Sign
TEE : H&M studio collection
HAT : Urban Outfitters



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