Finally I can share a new outfit with you! I would love to post more often on the blog but the weeks are packed with events and meetings! However, I still do my best to post as much as possible on the social networks! You can’t imagine how many articles left I have to post!


Have you realised that I wear more skirts than before? The funny things is that I used to wear no denim at all a few years ago. Remember when I started my blog, I used to wear only fancy pants and skirts… and at one point I’ve changed (yes it happens lol) and had enough of skirts and stuffs. Today, I combined some pieces of my favorite fabrics of the season – the velvet. It’s thicker, everybody want to touch this super soft material and it looks so prestigious (think about Queen Elisabeth…). The Cap? Damn.. I love this model so much.


Recently, I felt in love with a swiss jewellery brand called LYLAN. It was a time we were all wearing those very big and massive jewellery – Bling bling you said? I will not say that this trend is over but we can see that it slowly dies. Now most of us are into thin necklaces, rings, and bracelets and How AMAZING they actually look! Lylan is very into this delicate trend and offer a thin collection of jewellery. Besides the fact that her pieces are very pretty (I am so addict), they are timeless and can be worn everyday.



Velvet Skirt : Zara

Shirt : Zara

Velvet Jacket : Zara

Over the Knee Boots : Kurt Geiger

Cap : Tally Weijl

Necklace & Bracelet : Lylan



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