How To Wear the Kenzo x H&M Collection

Everybody is pretty excited for the KENZO X H&M collection! A collection that speaks to mostly everyone as Kenzo is worldwide known! The collection will be available in a selection of H&M store on the 3rd of November and it’s time to debrief on the piece you should get! Preview of the whole collection on the H&M website HERE.


A few weeks ago, I had the chance to go to the H&M showroom to discover before anyone else all the pieces of this pretty amazing collection! Before going to this event, I was kind of skeptical about it. Why? Because all the visual I’ve seen until now were very artistic and crazy colorful but not really wearable on a everyday basis.But at the end, the point is to wear the piece and not to keep them as a trophy in our wardrobe, right? Happily surprised, of course there is some very bold piece but there is tons of casual and playful pieces that can be worn with your basics!


I styled my favorite pieces in this shoot and wanted to show you how to wear them “in real”. I mean it’s pretty amazing to look at the lookbook and magazines shoots but this is probably not how you want to wear it. Who is going to go to the supermarket on a Tuesday afternoon with a total Kenzo look from head to toe? Probably nobody… But you can go with your fav mom denim and the Kenzo knit or with a casual look and the Kenzo bombers!


The oversize knit, the bombers, the scarf and the satin pants are some of my favorite pieces! So, do you know now which piece your are going to lining-up for on the 3rd of November? Have a look at the whole collection HERE  and be ready!



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