Before sharing my last Article from the big Apple, let’s talk about accessories and statement pieces. They can definitely transform and stand out every outfit, remember that!
During the New York Fashion Week, you may have seen that I especially wore a lot of sunglasses – Why? Personally, I sometimes feel like my look is too “casual”. In order not changing what I wear, I prefer adding accessories. It always make me feel more elegant for every occasion and yes, I am this kind of person who believe that adding a strong and bold piece can effortlessly change the entire style of your look.
The silk scarf is a fashion statement which can add a little elegance into your look. There is thousands and thousands way to wear scarves but on a lazy day, I love to simply wear it on my shoulder and go. In addition, I wear a camel hat to avoid a boring look.
– I am wearing – 
Scarf : Carlotta Hey, available here
Hat : Primark
Dress : Misguided, available here
Over the knee Boots : Sam Edelman
Canteen Bag : Tory Burch



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