It’s been a while that I wanted to make a goodies article, something different where I show  you my current favorite “stuffs”. You know, those little things that make me happy. Something quit different than seeing me on every pictures, but don’t worry an outfit post will be online tomorrow morning.
I hope you will enjoy this kind of article as well! Don’t hesitate to share you though about it.
Enjoy your day loves!
Guerlain is a brand which always fascinated me. I’ve been using their terracotta Khôl and Terracotta Powder for years and now I am so happy to have received all those precious beauty products. “Le Plus beau jour de ma vie” is a very exclusive fragrance by guerlain created for the bride to be.  I directly fell in love with this romantic perfume, I could wear it everyday. Definitely my scent crush for the spring season. 
ou know what I especially love in the Guerlain product, first the packaging look always very luxurious and pretty but second they are all enveloped with a delicate yet addictive perfume.
Who never saw it? Who never heard about it? I can’t trust you if you tell me that you’ve never seen or heard about the NAKED palettes because it’s yet a worldwide phenomenon. What I love is the fact that you have everything you need for a pretty makeup in 1 palette from shimmer and sparkle to the smoothest mattes. My favorite Urban Decay products are  the Naked2 palettes, the setting spray, the eye primer & the Mascara Resurrection which is a pure bomb!
The new MAC Wash & Dry collection smell the hot season. First the Packaging look like an eternal sunset or a magical Rainbow which I love a lot! This is a limited edition which make it even more desired and I’ve been totally addict to the bronzing powder which I apply over my timeless terracotta from Guerlain.



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