Hello Hello! Can you believe it’s friday yet? Time flies like crazy! I am very excited about the next weeks! I am going to attend a great even in Geneva next thursday and then I will be officialy on “vacay”! I can’t wait travel and discover a lot of new places! Regarding these pictures, they were taken by my friend Ken a few days ago while we were in Evian (France) for the day. 
On that day it was very hot outside (35°C) even at 10am we were dying. I was very glad to wear my mini short but not my suede top which kept me too warm! OH and let’s talk about my new gladiator sandals (available here) that I ordered a few days ago on Zalando.ch. I was looking for the perfect pair and I was very happy when I received them! 
Top : Zara
Short : H&M
Kimono : H&M
Bag : Gucci
Sunnies : Karen Walker, available here


  1. Hey beauty! Sorry for my late reply! It was nice to seeing you again!

    Thanks a lot for your lovely comment ! I totally crushed on those Sandals, I couldn't resist! Lucky me, there were out of stock a few hours later !

    See you soon ! Kiss from Canada

  2. Hi Alison! I didn't get the chance to say goodbye on Wednesday! Went to the bathroom and when I got back you were gone 🙂 It was good seeing you again.

    As for this outfit, oh gosh, I am in LOVE with those sandals! I'd chop off my right toe a pair of those. No wait, maybe I'll just order from Zalando, otherwise I won't even be able to wear 'em…


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