Photography by May
Hello Monday! Well it’s 00:20 when I am writing this so yes, hello monday! I just came back from watching the movie Joy ans honestly I am kind of perplex about it. I thought it would be a great movie (actors that I love in it) and all my friends and I were disappointed….The story is good and everything… but god… it was slow! Anyway, If you have watched it or want to, let me know what you think about it, I am curious 🙂

It starts being cold right now in Switzerland and I am so happy to have all my winter coats to keep me warm. This jacket is a gift from my lovely mummy for christmas, she knows me so well! I definitely love everything fluffy, furry, wildy etc… haha ! 

Outfit of the day

Faux Fur Jacket : Avant première
Glittery Boots : Minelli, available HERE
Vintage Bag : Vintage Louis Vuitton
Jeans : Levi’s via Zalando
Asymetrical Top : Zara
Black Shades : Céline Paris


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