Flatiron B.

Photography by : Jordan M Ball
Facing the cold in New York isn’t a joke and those pictures are the proof of it! While I was about to shoot this look with my dear Jordan, the cold wind started to whisper and to be honest with you, I didn’t expect to shoot my look in this way. I was wearing my new favorite dress from adidas with my black coat and I really wanted to show you this dress but the weather make me close my coat hardly and put my poncho around me even during the shoot. Impossible for me to take out anything from me or I would die straight on the street… sometimes we have to deal with the weather! Anyway, I also love the look with my poncho over my coat and…layering in winter is a true story guys!
Wearing :
Poncho : Manidou, available HERE
Booties : Zara
Bag : Moschino via Zalando, available HERE
Sunnies : Freyrs


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