Illustrations by : Kactus.
F like Friday, F like F*** you but today it’s gonna be F like Fashion week! We are going to make a little resume of the Ready-to-Wear Fashion shows from New York. It’s time to discover what we are going to wear next summer! How lucky we are to have this exclusive illustration from Kactus. ? Simply perfect for the situation right? 
Let’s start with the iconic Hugo Boss. Masculine codes with a lot of shirts, clean silhouette with strong geometric lines. Not surprised by the german’s brand who keeps the tradition but still in love with this “strict” style.
Proenza Schouler didn’t disappointed us with amazing fringe skirt, revisited sweater and a lot of geometric pieces (we are going to be square next summer^^)
High waisted pants and sporty accents during the Alexander Wang show. 
By Michael Kors, this is simply the smell of the summer. Flower prints and a huge crush on these tulle skirts! Like during the Boss show, the shirts are dominant in this beautiful collection.
My favorite one to end this article, The Coach show which totally surprised me! Let’s go on a road trip across the US with a minivan, lost between the 60’s and the 90’s. This is what this collection inspire me! A new vibe for coach which is becoming totally different with their new creative designer. Flare pants (♥♥♥), pastel fur (♥♥♥), gloss patent skirt & leo print, the perfect cocktail for a cool summer! I can understand that average coach customer may not like this collection which is “unexpected” but this is what we love in fashion – Being surprised! Good bye Mummy, welcome to the quirky girl!


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