Denim and a White Coat.

Photography by May

Good morning everybody, I hope you all spent a fabulous christmas with your family.  We have been talking about it for months and it’s gone so fast! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed to not even see the snow, it was a kinda christmas with a spring weather in Switzerland. It happens 🙂

The year is slowly getting to the end and I am now thinking about next year project and new “resolutions”. I am not talking about resolutions like “going to the gym 4 times a week” or “not eating Mcdonalds every Sunday”  because I know I won’t keep them more than a week! It is more about fixing new goals for the upcoming year. Oh I wanted to tell you that my horoscope (sagittarius) said that I was going to enjoy the most amazing year of my life in 2016! I hope I will have tons and tons of contents to share with you and also a few trips abroad. 

Those pictures were taken a few weeks ago when my hair were still “Greige” (Mix between grey and beige). Have you seen my new haircolor? I just did a few days ago a strawberry blond! Head on my instagram (@bangbangblond) or snapchat (bangbangblond) if you didn’t seen it yet! The look was very casual and I paired a total denim look. Since I received a few levi’s jeans from Zalamdo, I can’t stop wearing them. They are honestly simply, perfect! 

Outfit of the day

Coat : La Redoute
Shirt : Zara
Bag : Gucci
Sunnies : Dior
Boots : Zara


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