Skirt, Top & Hat : H&M | Boots : Sandro | Sunnies : Céline | Clutch : Zara | Rings : Love is | Shoulder piece : YVY | Photography by : Stéphane Mirão
Hey everyone! Feeling so glad and happy to write this article from Paris! Oh Paris, I LOVE YOU! It’s been a while a didn’t see Paris with a beautiful weather like this and it is just perfect for enjoying the Fashion Week. I have so many things to say but I don’t know where to start!
Well I came to Paris with my friend Stéphane from Smira-fashion.com, yes we very often do things together because we are such a great team and we always have so much fun together! Stéphane was mandated by PKZ, which is a swiss company, to be a style expert during the fashion week in Paris. So I arrived on Friday evening in Paris. Our saturday was kind of “free” as we just had a visit in a showroom planned at the end of the day. We decided together to head to “Le grand Palais” where some fashion shows were attending. It was for Stéphane a good opportunity to take some streetstyle pictures and also a great moment for me as I saw many of my favorite bloggers and fashion icons. At the end of the day we went to the “collection 66” showroom in Le marais. This is a swiss brand and they have a showroom in Paris during the Fashion Week. We spent a great time with them and we also drunk a lot of champagne! Stéphane and I discovered their pretty SS15 collection with a lot of prints under the inspiration of the “aviation”. Our saturday finished at 3am in a Mcdonald’s takeaway…(no comments about that!)
During this day, the weather was so nice and warm (I thought it was summer!), all I wanted to wear was something light. How crazy is this leather shoulder piece? It is from YVY which is a swiss designer (SWISS POWAA!). I was so glad to have the opportunity to wear this beautiful piece here in Paris! My fingers were full of LOVE IS rings, you saw them already many many times on the blog but I just can’t stop wearing them! We shot these pictures a bit everywhere, at “le Grand Palais” and in the middle of the Champs Elysée.
I will stop writing for tonight (it’s almost 1am when I’m typing this), I need some rest before to attack my 3rd day in Paris! On monday I have to attend to 2 fashion shows in the capital so it’s going to be a long but wonderful day! I can’t wait to tell you more about everything that happens here.



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