Cornrows is a 2016 things.

My horoscope predicted a year full of changes and new challenges. Until now, it seems very true! The 3 first months of the year were quite “strange” I will say. I won’t tell you it was bad or great but I would say that everyday seem very different than the day before. This year, I feel like tons of things are going to happen. I want to explore new places and open my mind even more than usual.
Why am I blogging? Do I pretend to know more about fashion than you do? Of course not! I remember talking with one of my friend a few months ago and telling her that I don’t pretend knowing more about fashion than anyone else. I don’t pretend being a journalist or a fashion editor, I just love sharing something that I like. Writing on my blog help me to escape from life and this is also exactly the feeling that I have when reading other people blogs. Because before anything else, I am a huge fan of blogs since years and keep reading a lot of them every single day.
Getting dressed is for me one of the best moment of my day. For me, the outfit you wear reflect an image of yourself that you want to have. I feel like a chameleon, I can change my outfits depending on the environment and my mood. Isn’t that the game of fashion? At least, this is my opinion!
On these pictures, I am wearing a wide leg denim pants with my favorite chelsea boots and a kaki spring coat. The spring coat was maybe not enough regarding the temperature… My bad, when I saw the sun I directly thought it was spring (I was literally wrong…haha). During lunchtime, my sister was at home and I wanted to add some cornrows to this look so I asked her to braid my hair! Since I am blond, I like experimenting some new hairstyle! I especially love the contrast between my dark roots and the blond hair!
I am wearing
Coat : Soft Grey, via La Redoute
Top : Topshop, via zalando – available HERE
Denim pants : Zara
Necklace : Pull & Bear
Sunglasses : Céline Paris


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