Hello Hello lovely people! When you are reading this article, am I probably already flying to New York or still waiting at the airport if you read this article in the morning. Just stay connected with me and my travel diary via instagram @bangbangblond
I am so excited to go back in this city, I still can’t believe it! My packing session was very productive and you will discover tomorrow all my little “tips” about it. I made it, everything is packed and now all I want is being seated in the plane and sleeeeeeep straight for more than 8 hours. I have to get some rest as I will start direct on Tuesday with some meetings. So now it’s time to show you the last “Swiss” outfit for a while as the next ones will be shoot in New York! By the way you will also discover my lovely new tattoo 🙂
As soon as I saw this purple Chunky-Knit in the H&M store, I wanted it. I needed a very warm jumper as the weather in New York is going to be C.O.L.D even colder than in Switzerland. I feel so comfortable while wearing this sweater, I put a few layers under and didn’t even needed to wear a jacket over it. I simply added a wool scarf to keep my neck warm. So you may have understood that I started a real obsession with purple and I guess this is just the beginning…To be continued.
So now I let you discover this article and I can’t wait to share with you my New Yorker adventure ! 
See you very soon, xxx BBB
– I am wearing – 
Sweater : H&M, available here
Jeans : H&M, similar here
Boots : H&M Studio Collection, similar here
Backpack : Versace vintage, Vintage pieces available here
Hat : Heidi.com



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