Photography by May
Hello and Happy New Year to all of you! After all those food overdose and all the excess, it’s slowly time to get back to a normal life!
This is my first article on the blog with my new hair color! Strawberry blond, nice to sweet you 🙂 After a few months with grey hair, I wanted to change for something more bright. After spending hours and hours at my favorite hair salon (Césium, Lutry) we came out with this result! There is tons and tons of different shades of strawberry blond and to be honest I prefer like this than with the grey, what do you think?
On these pictures, I am wearing a knit wide leg trousers that I bought at Zara. The material of it is very heavy and will keep you warm during winter. I paired it with my faux fur and a laced top. It’s all about mixing different material with different shades of grey and black.
Jacket : H&M Trend collection
Trousers : Zara
Top : Zara
Watch : Daniel Wellington
Bag : Gucci


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