Photography by : Romina Ch.

Sometimes all you want is wearing a casual outfit with a pair of sneakers even more after the crazy Fashion Week. Having a pair of sneakers on my feet seems like heaven! We shoot these pictures last Sunday while we were about to have a little brunch at the restaurant “Egg” in Williamsburg. This restaurant is located in a very cool neighbourhood in Brooklyn. If you go there plan to have a lot of fun as you can draw on the table and be an artist during your lunch! This place is very famous for breakfast, I would definitely recommend you to have one of their delicious Omelets!
Concerning my outfit, I was wearing something very casual and comfy. I bought this pair of Nike Huarache a few days ago in New York and I am so happy to have found them as I wanted them for months! Wearing sneakers start to be more recurrent for me which surprised myself! You may know that I used to only wear heels everyday of my life! Do I become lazy with age? haha I have no idea  about it but the only thing that I can tell you is “Hell Yeah I love wearing flats”!
Today I won’t write a novel as I am leaving New York tomorrow and I still have a thousands things to do before leaving – Meetings, Shopping, Lunch with friends, Packing etc etc. So I wish you all a fabulous day and don’t forget following my last hours in New York on instagram @bangbangblond
– I am wearing –
Jacket : Ellos
Pants : H&M Studio collection
Cardigan : H&M
Shirt : H&M
Hat : H&M
Sneakers : Nike Huarache
Sunglasses : Ray Ban Clubmaster
Backpack : Vintage Versace



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