Shirt : H&M | Shorts : Levi’s | Sandals : Birkenstock | Rings : Aldo | Bracelet : Graine de Shopping | Bag : Louis Vuitton
Hi peeps, did you see my sandals? Haha Yes, it’s true, yesterday I prepared you to see this article 🙂 I am in love with my new pair of Birkenstock. Seriously, I would never thought it could be that comfortable! I am pretty sure they are going to be on my feet all summer!
I am finally able to wear my vintage Louis Vuitton bag again after a little stop in repair. Unfortunately at his age, the leather broke and I couldn’t wear it anymore. They made an amazing work to fix it and now my bag is ready to ride with me for 20 more years! I love the way this bag is used and old, it shows his life and his adventures. I know, I am talking like if it was someone haha!  But this bag is so precious to me! For almost a year, I was looking for someone to repair it, but they all wanted to take off the Louis Vuitton rivets. I always say “NO WAY”. I preferred not to wear this bag anymore then to take off this precious rivets, it’s a blasphemy !
My bracelet comes from Graine de Shopping, a new online shop that opened a few weeks ago and I already love it so much! How cute and perfect is this imperfect heart? 


  1. You looks gorgeous! I already odered two pairs of Birkis! 🙂 silver and white! I am very excited!


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