Illustration by : Kactus.

Here we go with a new illustration from B. in New York. I LOVE this illustration, I think this is my favorite one so far!
Sorry for haven’t been very active these past few days but I had to enjoy a little this city before to be able to share with you new articles.
Tomorrow you will discover a new outfit post, hope you will like it! You will discover it during the day on my Facebook page. It’s time to stay updated on BBB, more is coming!
Regarding my vacation here, I really enjoy ! I’m maybe living in Switzerland but my heart is definitely here in New York. Shopping, partying, eating are my favorite activities here. I had an amazing Dinner wednesday night at the Beaumarchais restaurant. During the dinner, we had the pleasure to enjoy a wonderful Burlesque show! Such a crazy night, later I went out at the Dream PH-D club and finish the night at 1OAK. A lot of fun in this city that never sleeps.
See you tomorrow on BBB!


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