It’s a new day and it’s a new post from somewhere else in the world! Amsterdam


Spending less than 24hours in this amazing city was a heart broken! As soon as I arrived in holland, I knew that I was going to love this country. I was invited to spend the weekend with Desperados which sounded like a lot of fun and it was! I had some free time in the afternoon and took this opportunity to explore the neighbourhood and have lunch. We stayed at the Andaz hotel which is straight near the beautiful and famous canals of Amsterdam. Perfect as we didn’t have much time to visit! The hotel was located in a very typical area so at least we didn’t have to go far to see and experience the real Amsterdam. What I loved the most was for sure the beautiful brick building and the incredibly beautiful canals. The peaceful atmosphere from the canals contrast with all those bikes coming from everywhere and ringing their bell to make you move from their way. Damn, they all look like they doing a race! haha but it was fun to see it !


This is the outfit I wore to attend the Desperados “Flare” Party. I will for sure talk about it in another post…(very soon^^) I didn’t know exactly what were doing later so to make sure to feel good, I wore my go-to lowboots. Definitely the pair I wore when I want to feel ready for a long night. It was definitely a very good idea…you will understand in my article about the event! I also paired this new velvet jacket with a pink skirt. I love the mix between the brown and the pink, it looks very seasonal but still fresh. The velvet is definitely my favorite material for this fall/winter, I am literally obsessed with it!


Velvet jacket : Zara

Skirt : La Redoute

Boots : La Redoute

Body : Zara

Rings : Calvin Klein

Photography by Ken Moos



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