Photography by : Romina C.

Good morning guys! How are you today? I hope you all spent a great weekend! By my side, it was such a busy one! In case you didn’t follow me on instagram or snapchat, here is a little resume. I left on Friday evening to Zurich and spent the night in the gorgeous Kameha Hotel! By the way, thanks again to Urban Decay for this fabulous hotel! I slept there as I had to work on a project on Saturday morning with the lovely people from Urban Decay. More informations about it are coming very soon on the blog! 
On Friday night, my sister called me and ask me if I wanted to leave on vacation for a few days, of course I said yes and we booked a trip in Turkey. Very spontaneous as I took off right after the Urban Decay shooting on Saturday! So much fun and for once, I won’t complain as my sister packed my luggage for me! 

Regarding those pictures, they were taken while I was in Locarno for the “Festival del Film” with Moët & Chandon. It was my outfit for the day and changed for the Red Carpet into a very elegant yet classy white dress. During the day, I had a “PRESS” pass and enjoyed the projection of the very famous movie “Fight Club”. Moët & Chandon gave during the Festival Opening, the “Excellence Award” to Edward Norton for it’s career. I had a great time in Locarno and hope to be back in this beautiful city very soon!

xx from Antalya

Pants : Sandro
Top : H&M
Mules : Zara
Bag : Gucci
Sunnies : Tom Ford


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