Top : Mango | Jacket & Trousers : H&M | Bag : Tory Burch (available here) | Rings : H&M & Love is (available here) | Necklace : Thomas Sabo
Hello Monday, you are always back so fast! I hope you guys spent a beautiful weekend and enjoyed all these precious moments. I was running everywhere this weekend. I did so many different things that on sunday evening I needed to breathe a little. I decided to go have a good workout in the forest. I can’t describe that feeling but I felt so good during this time. I was alone in the middle of this beautiful nature freeing my mind, thinking about nothing else than what I was doing. I did more than expected and surpassed myself. After the workout, I realized how important it is to do it, not only for the body but for our mind. I really want to workout more from now, I think this is something we all need. I was exhausted and my entire body was so sore but I was happy and this is all what we want to be right?
On these pictures taken a few days ago, I was wearing an all black outfit with a blue kimono from H&M. This kimono is one of my best summer pieces I’ve got. Maybe you remember that I already posted it a few months ago on the blog (here) and this is I guess my favorite pictures so far. I love pairing blue with black and I honestly don’t understand why people think that these colours don’t look good together…No this is not a faux pas at all in fact, It looks stunning and super-cool together. Break this rule right now girls!



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