Photography by Stéphane Mirao, smira-fashion.com

Being on vacation is very cool but it is time to share a post on BBB! As you may have seen I am currently in Montréal since a few days. I will talk more about it in my next article but what I can already say is that I love this city a LOT!

Tiffany has arrived on Rue du Rhône, Geneva’s premier destination for luxury shopping. You probably remember that I attended a few times ago a wonderful event in Geneva, the Tiffany & co. Opening Gala. As a huge fan of this prestigious jewellery brand, I was very honoured to take part of this event. In the morning, a breakfast was organised at the store and I had the possibility to discover the wide collection of jewellery and also the bridal salon with all the engagement rings. All I can say it’s, if one day a man want to marry me he will need a Tiffany & co. ring to ask my hand! If not, I will probably say no lol. 

Regarding my look for the gala, I had the immense privilege to wear this wonderful look by Dimitri. I felt like a princess all night with this golden skirt. Earlier during that day, I had my make up done by the amazing Urban Decay Team. Entirely ready to enjoy the great party by the lake with my friend Stéphane from the blog Smira-fashion.com!


Shirt : by Dimitri
Skirt : by Dimitri
Belt : by Dimitri
Clutch : Tory Burch



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