90’s Future.

Some 90’s inspiration in my hairstyle today. After seing this hairstyle a few time on instagram and during New York Fashion Week, I wanted to try it too! I have to say that this winter, I’ve been literally obsessed with faux-fur and fluffy coats. 
New York is always inspiring me a lot. Walking down the streets, watching around, talking to strangers give me tons and tons of ideas. I am personally someone who love enjoying the little pleasure of life, eating pizza or heading to dunkin donuts at 4am to get a little ham & cheese sandwich while having maybe too much alcohol in my blood! Who cares? We are young and wild.
Coming to the city is always a good idea. Every time I spend time here, I realise how much I like this lifestyle. I am not talking about the food or the millions starbucks coffee around me (ok I appreciate this too) but more about the mentality of people and the way they see life. Without to think too far away, most of the people live in the present and we can definitely feel it!
Wearing :
Jacket : Avant-première
Round Sunglasses : Freyrs
Mom Jeans : H&M
Chelsea Boots : Zara
Bag : Mini soho chain – Gucci
— Special thanks to my girl Jo for taking those pictures <3


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